Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sleeping Babies

Where does the time go? I forget that these kids were even littler than they are now. The top picture was 2.5 years ago and the bottom 2 are current. They still like to cuddle in our bed together. Soon, Rexy will be joining them. I'm so excited to see them grow up and the awesome people they are becoming, but I do miss them being little at times. They're just so cute! I love our babes so much!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Goldilocks and the 4 Bears: Update

Chantilly (8): In January, she and Maddox started a distance learning program where they go once a week all day to do science, art, crafts, history and fun. Her class has a about 15 kids and she really enjoys it. She likes to go to Activity Days with her friends. She loves baking pizza and treats in her Easy Bake Oven with her friends. She just finished her first chapter book, Billie B. Brown. She has really improved her reading this year. She has enjoyed Gymnastics and advanced to Level 2 in the Fall. She is always ready to try something new. She is a huge help to Mom and a great sport.

Maddox (7): Maddox is enjoying his distance learning program. They do field trips every week. He and Tilly have especially enjoyed rock climbing and ice skating. He really enjoys numbers and math. He is quite the artist. He drew our Cupid for our Valentine's Party. He has learned how to make paper airplanes and there are pieces of paper currently covering my kitchen table and scattering the floor. He loves playing with his friends and just plain old having fun! He loves to collect rocks. Maybe, he will be a geologist one day!

Travis (4.5): Travis attends preschool twice a week. He loves going (finally). His teacher is the sweetest person and makes learning so fun! He is reading so well. He is great at sounding out words and just tries so hard until he gets it. He loves to color and play with is Lion Guard toys. His favorite movie is Lion King. I have loved spending more 1 on 1 time with my little boys. They are so fun and he asks such great questions. He is very inquisitive. He has the cutest curly hair, everyone just loves it!

Crue (2.5): Crue is so silly and so sweet. He is polite always saying, "Thanks, Mom!" and using please. He is a tough kid and tries so hard to keep up with the big kids. He loves everything Star Wars. He hums the tunes perfectly. He can be a scary little Kylo Ren. He loves to cuddle and will only fall asleep with Aaron or I laying with him. He is talking so great and has going on the potty down perfectly! He is so easy going and just loves everything. He can be so feisty "No!" And so sweet, "Sure, Mom!" He loves Paw Patrol also and is Mom's little sidekick.

Rex (9.5 mo): Rex is sitting up steadier these days. He still is working on his balance and ab muscles. He says, "Dadadadada!" He has 4 razor sharp teeth. He's left blood after biting. He loves to jump and stand in your lap. He really is attached to his Mom, that is probably an understatement. He does not love his carseat and he loves sleeping in his bed with his second love, his pacifier. He goes with the flow well and is Mom's little buddy, attached at the hip. He still has the cutest little dimples ever!

Monday, February 20, 2017


We decided the head to Moab for President's Day weekend and show Oma some more of Utah than just Lehi. To start off the trip, we got a new car: a huge van that seats 12! It is huge and awesome and perfect for traveling. There were NO fights in the car the whole ride! I'm sold on this car! We listened to books on tape to pass the time and napped a little. First off, we started at Arches National Park, making it to Balanced Rock, then to the Windows and Turret Arch. They really are incredible! We headed back to the hotel for swimming and hot tubbing. Sunday, it was raining. We went on a drive to Dead Horse Point State Park. That view was incredible. When we arrived, everything was covered in fog. By the time we left the visitor's center it was clear and we could really see the magnitude of the depth of the canyon. Next, we headed to Canyonlands National Park. We explored the Islands in the Sky. It is a long fall down. My children were giving me heart failure. Then, we hiked Whale Rock. It was cold and misty, but we did it and the incredible view was worth it! Then we went to Grand Point and it really was a grand view. Canyons and crevices for miles! We headed back to the hotel for more swimming. Monday was our last day. We went back to Arches to see more arches! We started with Landscape Arch, then Pinetree and Tunnel Arches. Crue was a trooper, a slow trooper. He was perfectly happy just sitting in the dirt playing with a stick. Next, we ate lunch at the Skyview Arch. We happened to see our good friends, The Blakes, drive by. We met up with them at the next arch, Sand Dune Arch and played with them for a bit.  Then it was time to head home. It was such a nice weekend to spend as a family and with Oma. Southern Utah's landscape is so amazing! I want to go back with just Aaron one day and explore some more without kids! No offense, kids.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sexy Rexy is 9 Months old

A little update on our Rex! 
He was 9 months old today! He is almost 19 lbs. He started off so tiny and has really caught up! We is officially sitting and near crawling. He gets up on hands and knees and rocks. He's trying new foods and even a bottle right before bed! The most major news is his allergies we discovered. I tried to gives him cheesy scrambled eggs one day and he immediately threw it up and got hives on his face. The next day, I tried with regular scrambled eggs to see if the dairy was the problem and the same thing happened! I made an appointment with the allergist and discover he is allergic to eggs, peanuts and dogs! Wow! That was so shocking! I was not expecting the latter two! So we thought it best to get rid of our dog, Koda. We found a good home in our neighborhood for him. The kids enjoy visiting him and walking him. Now, we have Epipens and are much better about reading labels looking for eggs and peanuts. They are not severe allergies according to the traumatic blood test he got, so that is good news! Now, we have a plan with the allergist to wean him off the egg allergy and we're hoping that is successful. He has 4 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom, little painful daggers! We swung for the first time at the park! It was cold, but he loved it, snowsuit and all! He fell off the bed and out of the stroller for the first time. Yikes! We have fixed those issues, hopefully. Horrible mother award, I know. He is the sweetest little thing, and is my little bosom friend. We love him to pieces!!!

Our Family

Aaron, Brittany, Chantilly, Maddox, Travis & Crue